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Free Martin Gottesfeld – #FreeMartyG

 Donate Now  – will not accept donations for anyone, unless forcibly has to. Donations for Martin Gottesfeld are administered by his wife, Dana....

Anonymous Operation #OpNewBlood


How to help Anonymous

How to help Anonymous There are many ways to help Anonymous. The purpose of this article is to highlight how to help Anonymous in its...

Julian Assange – Help & Take Action

There are various ways you can help Defend WikiLeaks and help support Julian Assange from ongoing persecution. Donate You can donate to the Defence Fund here....

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10 prolific historical Anonymous Operations

1) Project Chanology Anonymous gained worldwide press for Project Chanology, the protest against the Church of Scientology. On January 14, 2008, a video produced by the...

Salihorsk human rights activist sentenced to 10 days in prison

Leanid Markhotka, BHC representative in Salihorsk. Photo: RFE/RL Leanid Markhotka, an activist of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, has been sentenced to 10 days of administrative...

General help, take action

The Anonymous collective needs your help.  Our aim is to try and make our world a better place which we try and achieve through...

Lauri Love VS USA Gov (99 years prison)

After many years of persecution facing extradition from the United Kingdom to USA to face a potential 99 years in prison, the High Court...