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Anonymous Operation #OpNewBlood


An analysis of cyber-incidents in South Africa Honorary Research Fellow, School of Management, IT and Governance, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville, Durban   ABSTRACT Cybersecurity concerns are present in...

Guide to public relations

The Anonymous guide to legal public relations The goal of this document is to help any one who get in touch with newspapers, reporters, bloggers...

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Julian Assange – Help & Take Action

There are various ways you can help Defend WikiLeaks and help support Julian Assange from ongoing persecution. Donate You can donate to the Defence Fund here....

Kane Gamble – Now released from prison

Kane Gamble was previously head as Cracka and led the hacking group Crackas With Attitude / CWA. Kane used to have many people in...

The hacker wars – documentary

We are Anonymous - The hacker wars documentary To help activists and hacktivists from persecution, please visit

What are you doing to help make the world a better place?

The Anonymous collective needs your help.  Our aim is to try and make our world a better place which we try and achieve through...

10 prolific historical Anonymous Operations

1) Project Chanology Anonymous gained worldwide press for Project Chanology, the protest against the Church of Scientology. On January 14, 2008, a video produced by the...