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Vodafone Validates Open Standards Commitment By Joining ONAP Project

Earlier this fall, British multinational telecommunications company Vodafone made the decision to join the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) Project as a Platinum member....

Wifi security

WPA Whitelists and WIFI Security Physical security is important to any organization. We place security guards, locks, and card scanners all over the perimeter...


Hacking & hacktivism


Christopher McKinlay – Hacker interview

Hacker Christopher McKinlay meets former FBI agent Michael Panico to talk hacking and security. They were both consulting on the Chris Hemsworth movie Blackhat....

Lauri Love – Appealing extradition

http://www.freelauri.com http://laurilove.info http://laurilove.uk

Iranian websites attacked

Hacking sex toys

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FCC votes 3-2 for net neutrality repeal

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just voted 3-2, along party lines, to repeal Net Neutrality. The Open Internet Order of 2015 is no more...

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A tangled web of lies…

Tangled webs of lies What is it that we criticise Politicians, policies? We call this a democracy? Why then is it we cant see That we aren't really free And...

Anonymous: A fitting anti-ISIS nemesis after Paris attacks

In a security environment which is extremely precarious, because of the power unleashed by communication networks, asymmetric warfare organized via digital networks is here...

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Eisenstein Samy

Eisenstein Samy seems to want to fuck with Anonymous     #drama https://www.facebook.com/samy.eisenstein This guy declares that he is the boss of Anonymous LOL This guy also declares that...

Retired author writing about hackers

Frederick Forsyth is a British author, political commentator, journalist and a former MI6 spy for 20 years. Author of numerous popular books such as...


#OpNetNeutrality – Help needed!

Please copy and paste the below message and hash tags and post to the FCC social media pages: You have injured our economy and free...

Start Up and Shut Down Procedures for Whonix

Proper Start Up and Shut Down Procedures for Whonix In order for Whonix to function as intended, there is a specific start up and shut down procedure that you need to follow in the future. This chapter will explain how to do just that. For an easy quick reference, here is the procedure: 1. Boot the Whonix Gateway first. 2. Boot the Whonix Workstation second. 3. Shutdown the Whonix Workstation first. 4. Shutdown the Whonix Gateway second. 5. Shutdown Debian last. Below are the slightly more detailed instruction. 1. When...