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#OpNewBlood posts will appear on this page. Most posts are stub articles and will be edited soon. This page will also be edited with an improved design and additional sections for #OpNewBlood, – how to help Anonymous, Anonymous Operations and tutorials on how to keep your computer safe.

What are you doing to help make the world a better place?

The Anonymous collective needs your help.  Our aim is to try and make our world a better place which we try and achieve through...

How to help Anonymous

How to help Anonymous There are many ways to help Anonymous. The purpose of this article is to highlight how to help Anonymous in its...

Rules of the Internet

1. Do not talk about /b/ 2. Do NOT talk about /b/ 3. We are Anonymous 4. Anonymous is legion 5. Anonymous never forgives 6. Anonymous can be a...

Guide to public relations

The Anonymous guide to legal public relations The goal of this document is to help any one who get in touch with newspapers, reporters, bloggers...

We are Anonymous – The Creed

1. Anonymous is an immaterial idea 2. Anonymous is a living, breathing, entity 3. Any individual can become Anonymous 4. Not all can join the collective 5. Anonymous...