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A British Wannacry hero – Arrested & Detained in USA

A British cyber security expert named Marcus Hutchings aka "malwaretech" has been arrested and detained in USA.  Marcus was previously in worldwide news due...

Agenda 21 & Monsato

Agenda 21 was developed in 1992. Don't let the date stop you from seriously looking into this. The objective of the UN agenda 21...

You want a revolution?


To Whom It May Concern, What happened to Justina Pelletier goes far beyond a medical or custody dispute, and beyond child abuse. Justina was tortured. Tragically,...

Anon Thoughts

Anon thoughts

More clueless “Anonymous” chat admin lol

The V Server - is what I thought of as an Anonymous chat room in amongst many other Anonymous chatrooms in discord. The 3 admins...

Editors Pick

Net Neutrality

By Ashley Boyd, VP Advocacy A little over two years ago, the mood here at Mozilla — and across the broader Internet health movement —...

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