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The Anonymous collective needs your help.  Our aim is to try and make our world a better place which we try and achieve through many different Anonymous operations.  There are various different Anonymous operations such as #OpSafeWinter#OpAnimalCruelty#OpSyria

You are invited to help support us help make the world a better place.
It is a common misconception that the Anonymous collective are just hackers.  Whilst it is true that some of us are elite hackers, the majority of Anonymous are activists partaking in various different Anonymous Operations. For example, each and every day #OpHomeless sees Anons on the street helping the homeless with their food and personal needs.  This effort is stepped up during the winter with #OpSafeWinter

The ways in which you can help Anonymous are varied.  The level of help given is dependent upon you, you decide which Anonymous Operation you would like to help.

Examples of help needed:

  • Sharing social media posts to help with awareness.
  • Writing articles, you should distribute these widely.
  • Creating images or memes to help with awareness.
  • Creating Anonymous operation videos to help with awareness.
  • Research into various different elements.

Whatever your skills are, you are needed!

You can also help this website and Anonymous operation websites within different areas,  examples being webserver admin, website admin, creating graphics, writing articles. See Anonymous chatrooms if you can offer help or if you need help.



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