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Various different Anonymous chatrooms will appear on this page soon.
(Page created 9th August 2018).

Please remember that the Anonymous collective is decentralised. Some Anonymous chatrooms you may receive invites for are not wholly representative of the Anonymous Collective.
Some Anonymous chatrooms have no purpose and are generally full of egotistical people, whereas other Anonymous chatrooms have purpose, objective and productive Anonymous operations.

IRC Chat: cyberguerrilla.org/

Discord Chat:  discord.gg/XSUA56Y

There will be more Anonymous chatroom links here soon.

You’re advised that when you enter an Anonymous chatroom you should make a decision as to whether that chatroom is actually an Anonymous chatroom, or whether it has the administration of the clueless egotisticals.
Also, please remember, the Anonymous collective was born from trolls.  Anonymous, or Anons in Anonymous chatrooms are also trolls 🙂
But we are also here to help.  We are from the internet and we are here to help!
Please join us in one of the Anonymous chatrooms listed above.