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What reporters and bloggers need to know about Anonymous


It can be confusing and difficult for writers to understand the Anonymous collective. Writing about it can easily misinform your audience, especially for less experience writers. We’re going to list known issues and resolution path.

Everyone can speak in the name of Anonymous
That’s why Anonymous announce their intent before working. Announcing our intent on will help you validate the responsibility of our actions. This prevent non Anons associate to give us responsibility for action we didn’t take.

The movement is a big mass of people with small groups in it.
The collective is all the people involved in anonymous and all the splinter cells derived from it. Some splinter cells associate with Anonymous but do not declare themselves to be Anonymous nor hold their values. The most famous being Lulzsec, however Lulzsec worked along side Anonymous whereas the various secs appearing after the demise of Lulzsec have (with all respect to them) achieved very little if anything at all.

The collective is a representation of all the parts as a whole. Splinter cells are small group with various independent objectives that may or may not work toward the collective ideals, goals, ethics, etc. Individuals can be in any number of splinter cells or none. Learn to understand the context. It’s going to put everything in perspective.

Identifying who did what is complicated.
Gabriella Coleman once said the most certain thing about Anonymous is that it’s almost impossible to be certain who is behind specific actions. It’s true. That said, we still have a few tips to allow you to identify what groups might be behind certain actions.

Check their twitter accounts & Anonymous websites
Most of Anonymous splinter cells have twitter accounts. If they post on their twitter they did some action, it’s usually true. They can still claim someone else action their own. #LulzSec use to say “Did we post about it on twitter? No? Then no us.” The same stand for anon splinter cells websites, if they have one.

Check out Anonymous Press Releases
When Anonymous plan on doing something they usually tell before hand. So check out for PR concerning specific hacks and stuff. If you can’t find one then it’s probably not us.

What if I make Anons unhappy when writing about them?
We need the public opinion to become better, to learn from our mistakes, to see the full effect of our own actions, etc. We give our lives for the citizens so they are very important to us. Criticize us! If you speak about specific individuals or groups, be relevant and cite sources if possible.

Myth : Speaking to anons is hard
It’s relatively easy to contact us. Be wary of our IRC server they can be very confusing for non anons. You’ll have to be smart. Don’t be afraid to question everyone and make your own opinion. Try to contact old anon groups, they are likely to have less newbies.


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