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The Manhattans now support terrorism

Jeremy Martin has sadly lost all integrity and credibility in his recent actions of seemingly condoning terrorist activity within a discord chat room.
The terrorist activity has been reported to the appropriate authorities, however, Martin has taken no action himself.

Essentially, Jeremy Martin & his Manhattan brigade is supporting this terrorist or terrorist group by:

  • Allowing the terrorist or their associates / sympathisers within Jeremy’s discord chat
  • Allowing members of his chat to be spammed by said terrorist or supporter, with spam invites to the terrorist discord server
  • Seemingly, Jeremy is allowing this because recently he has been given role permissions within the discord terrorism server, essentially trading his morals, integrity and credibility for that of a discord admin role

The only response to the above resulted in me being banned from their chat simply because I repeatedly requested a response to this blog, yet they could not provide a response. All they could do was detract and make false accusations toward myself.

Incidentally, so much for “free speech” from the so called self proclaimed founder of Anonymous, Jeremy Martin. When questioned of his integrity to the above, he made false accusations toward me, refused to answer his reasoning, fail to provide a response to this blog and allowed me to be banned from his “free speech” server.