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Joshua Schulte – Wikileaks, prosecution


This is a live blog.  Updates will follow. 

Joshua Schulte is the only suspect the USA have in relation to the Wikileaks Vault 7 leaks.
One of the methods revealed is that the CIA can leave false traces pointing to foreign governments on hacking performed by the CIA!

This, along with recent revelations of a British teenager prosecuted for leaving personal messages on the CIA directors home TV and other compromises serves as humiliation for the CIA. iamanonymous.com is in the process of writing an article concerning Kane Gamble and his hacks against CIA.  (Kane, if you read this when you get out, IDEK What Html is! ahhahha).   Kane was shown by the media to be a troll, sending personal messages to director of CIA as well as other compromises including a root email account.  The media did not show the reasons behind this, in protest at the USA government and its actions causing war and laws passed not to feed the homeless.
The same media machine is now against Schulte, claiming that he had child pornography.  This is called into question given the fact that they have also said the disks are encrypted, – where is the evidence?   The evidence for child pornography in this case is that it was found on a server which was accessed by another 100 or so people.

The only evidence against Schulte (if you can call it evidence) is that he has used the encrypted TOR browser, he also made a responsible disclosure concerning CIA vulnerabilities.

There is no evidence of leaking data to wikileaks in addition to no evidence of child pornography, apart from the prosecution relies on the evidence is that it was on a shared server, accessed by around 100 people.


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