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Why Protect Net Neutrality?


Why is net neutrality so important?

  • Free Speech: The “First Amendment Of The Internet”, without net neutrality, large corporations could censor your right of free speech on the internet.
  • Controlled by corporations: Without net neutrality, Internet Service Providers can choose which websites load quickly and which sites move slowly. Essentially this means that large corporations can buy their ticket in, locking small independent and personal websites out.
  • Innovation and personal blogs gone: Again, corporations will essentially control the internet without net neutrality.  This will make innovation websites and personabl blog websites almost disappear in place of corporation business websites and clickbait.
  • Net neutrality is for freedom: Without net neutrality, your ISP could decide not to allow you access to some sites.  Watched too many videos?  Welcome to throttling, where you speed is restricted.  Oh, but, your speed would not be restricted on corprate advertisements.

You can read the full FCC release here:  http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2015/db0312/FCC-15-24A1.pdf


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