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Who is Q-Anon?

Greetings world, we are anonymous.

Q Anon is part of Anonymous and is yet but one of our operatives inside the white house and power structures of the world. He has been proven credible until anonymous has found reason to speak about him otherwise. He has disclosed much already and to others in anonymous he has disclosed some of the most serious human rights violations imaginable.

It has become apparent that many do not understand Anonymous, so, it is important for us to explain since any misunderstanding may prevent you from hearing its message, and this could be a critical miscalculation on your part.

Anonymous is not an organization in the sense that you know it. We wear the mask so we are not accused of acting for, or on behalf of any self-interest, for how can gain if we do not get recognition for our actions. For those that cannot trust a man in a mask, it bears witness against you and your need to be able to judge the person so that you might ignore the message. We wear the mask for your sake on not our own. If you judge the person for being white, black, brown or yellow and hear not the words spoken as a result, it is you who has lost truth. We are not a church, a business, a cult or a belief system that other anonymous participants must follow. We speak of all religions, of all people and of all truths. We are a collective. As part of this collective, Anonymous is made up of every skillset, every talent, every race and every background. We are from all countries but we belong to none of them. We operate singularly but as a body with the same understanding. That understanding is key to what anonymous is and why anonymous must exist. It is the understanding resulting from a revelation that everything, we the people of this world have been told, shown or taught, is but lies. We have learned that even the simplest of things is a lie. The color white is black and black is white. This truth can be explained in this way. White is light and light has all colors and is not visible unless reflecting from an object that reflects the light. You do not see light in space until it is reflecting off an object such as the moon. This light has all colors and black is not a color in itself, but it is made up of all colors. White however, contains no color. It is the absence of color which is the exact description of darkness. It is simple lies such as these that we have accepted as truth, but when we have opened our eyes, we can hear the truth hidden within the lies. Wisdom is granted it is not learned as it is with all of what I speak. The powers of this world are not who you think they are. They are not like you and I, they are evil at levels you cannot imagine of yourself, so it is difficult for you to believe your countries leaders could be involved in such evil activities. Over the coming months you will be learning more about the evils within the people you once revered.

We are Anonymous. We are Legion.


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