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What is the Pursuance Project?


Barret Brown is collaborating with various people to create the Pursuance Project, a system of process democracy.  Barret explains what the pursuance project and process democracy is:

“The specific variety of process democracy we will be setting in motion is known as Pursuance. This is a server-based ecosystem of collaboration and self-governance in which all participants will have equal opportunity to create and join pursuances”

It can be seen that the worlds governments are failing its people; it is time to find an alternative system of governance.  The Pursuance, self governance, equality and equal opportunity seems to be utopia in comparison to the present system of oppression, austerity and inequality.

From the pursuance project website it is stated:

“For the first time in history, any individual may now collaborate with any other individual. One may get a sense of the implications of this by considering how different human history would have been had early man possessed some psychic ability to find and communicate with anyone else across the world. We now have something very similar, and in some ways more powerful.”

Read more at: pursuanceproject.org/

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