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Welcome to #OpMarijuanaLegalisation

Welcome Everyone.

This is to promote a positive image of Marijuana, locally, nationally and globally. As the benefits of its legalization far outweigh any justification to keep it illegal. This is where i would like to start the discussion. How can we promote a better understanding of Marijuana so others will not be afraid to do the same and to promote the positivity that is behind the movement.

No hate, no ethnicity, just a plant that all people should have the unalienable right to enjoy not only nature but the plant itself. So please join the conversation let me know what you think, no matter the point of view this will allow us to better understand one another and in doing so we can strategize the best way to make this a diverse and meaningful campaign.

I personally use THC Wax nothing else. I have social anxiety disorder and PTSD so a good THC/CBD Hybrid is best for me and my symptoms. I myself work on Networks all day, not once in my life has Marijuana slowed me or stopped me from my work.

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