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ANONYMOUS-UNMASKED: A Message From vIDiUs -Revelation


Greetings World, I am no longer behind a mask, my voice is no longer hidden and I will disclose my identity here in this world and what has come of me within this world. I am unmasking as this time to speak directly to you, the people of the world in hopes that you will hear the words I speak and not judge the person. It is however, important that you know who I have been so you might understand who it is that I have become.

I am no longer of this world although I am still in it. I am by all accounts a very successful man but I did not become so by the typical paths followed by former colleagues, or others within similar circles I have worked within. I was a Senior Business Strategist at Microsoft, A Senior Vice President at Paramount Pictures, A manager of an Academy Award winning Actor, A film Producer, A Technologist in Crypto Currencies, A Cryptographer, A CEO Of an Israeli Intelligence Company, An Executive of a file sharing company battling the single largest copyright battle of our time and an Entrepreneur of Several other companies I either sold or folded. I have given testimony before the most powerful committees before both houses of congress and been involved in political information operations that with my good friend Andrew Breitbart in the disclosing of information that lead to Anthony Weiner resigning from his elected office. I was the last person to Speak to Andrew Breitbart before he was killed, I have been a target of shadow agents from within our governments leaders for capturing or disclosing the nefarious and even evil activities of corrupt and greedy leaders within this country and around the world. I was a family man married for almost 30 years to a beautiful a kind woman with 2 amazing daughters and 2 grandsons. I do not tell you this to boast or to have you exalt me in anyway whatsoever. I tell you of these things so that you will understand the gravity of what I am here to disclose to you today because of all the things I have just spoken, all of it is true an easily verifiable by simple searching my name. I have either advantage or disadvantage by having a name that no other man has on earth, so searching my name will yield only results of my life on this earth. My name allows no cloak behind others. All that I have spoken is not simply the truth, but it is also incomplete because all that I have done, aside from fathering my two daughters, is worthless and gone. All that I built established, accomplished, saved, or been a part is worthless for everything that you might think it valuable. I ask you to listen to the things that I have to say.

I will never monetize any videos or seek any form of monetary compensation for what I do so that my motive remains unchanged, clean from corruption that so easily happens within a bankrupt world. All things of my past are dead and gone and only the things of a new shift in consciousness remain. One of truth and one of love.



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