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The purpose of this operation is to spread truth about islam and how it is peaceful, i am not here to say you are not peaceful but to express my views and opinions. Therefore, this is a way to spread truth, but also learn for my benefit. For any errors i may make, as i am human. Please note, i am not judging muslims. People are not defined by their religion, as of people there are different types and we should not catorgaise people into sterotypes. I will split this up into two sections. First section about the quran and hadiths, second about the current state of muslims, countries and areas of such. Women in Islam: Women in islam are suppressed. This all restricts the freedom and rights of women in the islamic countries, you may not see it in the west, but where western influences do not enter, you will see. How do you say Islam promotes equality when this is in the quran and hadiths. All self explanatory and with the translations anyone can see with research. So when you see female genital mutilation, force mariages and acid thrown in the face of your sisters. Why blame the corrupt when Women have less rights than men, a women is worth half a man is. And in court a women needs two men witnesses or one man and two females as females are less reliable and less intelligent (Source: Also supported Sahih Bukhari 6:301 women have a deficiency in their intelligence, and they are inpure when they get given a natural menstrual cycle? their husbands are advised to stay away from them. Proceeded with more evidence: And due to the wives is similar to what is expected of them, according to what is reasonable. But the men have a degree over them [in responsibility and authority]. Source: So women are not allowed public authority roles in islamic countries.. This restricts the freedom and rights of women all over the globe of islam. and their say. sahih bukhari 88:219
Like when a women went to court for being rape, she got jailed as there wasnt any male witnesses? dafuq why are the males gonna plead guilty they wont of course. So she is left powerless as she is not equal or reliable to a male, tho some say this was because of corruption. Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers. This just says fuck your women when you please, she is like your land, you own and do what you want to her. This is just saying it in plain words, below the source shows many of the translations to prove. Source: And if your wife resists or chooses not to, becomes disobdient, youre allowed to hit them, luckly for the wifes only with a stick with a certain length: But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand. Source: Al-Qur Sahih Bukhari 2:28 & 54:464 mentioned by mohammed that the only women in heaven are the virgins that serve the sexual desires of men. Therefore, the forced marriages and the acid thrown in the face of your sisters, or the female genital mutilation. and again women in marriages cannot be divorced without the husbands permission but the husband can divorce by saying “i divorce you” three times Again if i am wrong about anything tell me, id like to know and learn the truth.
Homosexuality: in 12 islamic countries one can be killed by their sexuality. Sharia teaches that it is punishable by death. Quran (7:80-84) showing that gay men showing that gay is one of the worst sins and “rain of stones” was intereptted by scholars as stoning the gay people. Quran: 26:165-166, 4:16 Its proved and back by the quran how does one say this is not truth unless i have interpretted everything wrong, and everything that has been happening in islamic countries have been false. Haditsh Abu Dawud 4462, 4448 This is not peaceful, nor are the morals or these sentences and interpretations in the correct place. And that stoning is allowed, its not in the quran by muhammads companions said adulterers to be stoned Hadith: Sahih Bukhari 6:60:79, 83:37 and the islamic law still doesnt seem peaceful and to much in the quran, hadith and in the history to prove this correct.
General non peaceful stuff: If you are a disbeliever, your skin will be melted off, boiling fulids poured on your head and a heated rod of iron to put marks on their bodies. Quran 22:19-22 A man who confessed was stoned, which was so painful he tried to escape and their dragged him back to stone him again Sahih Muslim 17:4196 Or to burn the people who didnt go to mosque to pray fajr ordered by muhammed himself Sahih Bukhari 11:626 Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 992 muhammad said do not kill or mutilate children, but in Qurayza he ordered execution of boys who grew pubic hairs to chop their heads off Abu Dawud 4390 And that Aisha who reach puberty at age of 9 so it is okay for muhammad to have sex with her then. And was married at age of 6. Forced? Peaceful? Morally correct? And that in war muhammad would not kill the children or females, to use them as sex slaves which their “right hand posses”, so they own and can do whatever they want with them. Literally sold people, i am sorry but this just does not seem peaceful to me. Source: Abu Dawud 2150 And it didnt just capture the sex slaves but ‘Allah the Exalted’ said rape the women infront of the husbands, so it was not just an order from muhammad but allah himself. All been evidenced i might have missed some, just say and i will provide with more sources, but all should have come and shows that both quran, hadith and history of islam does not promote or is not showing signs of peace at all. And this cant be blamed or corruption it is inside the religion itself. But doesnt this just let bad people do what they want?
Second part, this is just about the world right now. and whats been happening. For example, muslims in the western countries have riots as non muslim women are wearing what they want and they say its to tempting for them and they should cover up So this just comes out of their minds randomally, this aint even isis. Its just following their religion. Watch it seriously. only 4 mins. A famous person being blocked from entering dubai based on being transgender. Now imagine the peopple that are born there and are gay, wonder why there is not much of a voice, because there is no free speech, nothing. There are afraid, there are multiple youtubers who say they are to scared to show their identity on video, they will get hate or mia khalifa, a pornstar been threaten to get her head chopped off by many many muslim people, why? because it is a disgrace to their religion So the forced marriages, acid, FGM, no free speech, inequality, wars, isis didnt just choose to be withislam out of random, women beaten, the stoning and torture that goes on in the 3rd world. because its been around for thousands of years and been allowed. So why will they just change because the west says its not right. In the uk government report about 14000 young girls raped by religious/race motivated crimes, because both police and authorities are to scared to invistage as they be called racist. These are happening in where refugees are coming in and lots more if you just do google searchs Two fake hate crimes in the US muslim university of louisiana found false
Airport source confirms incident of Gigi Loren who says she was barred entry due to gender change

Five asylum seekers, who arrived in Sweden as unaccompanied minors, have been charged with anally raping a young Afghan male teen at gunpoint in a premeditated assault in Uppsala, a city outside Stockholm.

The arrest of a 17-year-old Afghan refugee suspected of raping and killing a young German medical student turned into a political maelstrom Monday, with opponents pointing to Chancellor Angela Merkel ’s decision last year to welcome more than a million migrants into the country.

The Baruch College student has been charged with filing a false report and was awaiting arraignment late Wednesday.

Not to get me wrong there is hate crime, just pointing out. Maybe another point Why isnt other islamic countries helping their brother islamic countries out with ISIS and the bombings? Why isnt there any hearing of muslims standing up to ISIS or no global peace movement. What about Saudi Arabia, oil rich country keeps building their supply of oil when they dont need it, which is in return hurting their other islamic countries.
i just done research, because i like to know truth. This is the truth that was presented to me with evidence from the religion itself, i just trying to understand what you mean by spreading truth, i will obviously take criticism and judgement

In response to the above article, a fellow Anon (also a friend) responded with the reply below.  They wish to remain anonymous by not assigning any name to their article / response.  The response was sent directly to myself rather than the originating chat room for reasons of anonimity. Their response is below:

@Silent you can’t handle the truth even if it hit you in the Face. The “Truth” will get ME Killed , ISIS stands for one thing : ( a Freemason Terror Cell) , ( Pedophiles , Rapists, Thieves,) are found among All Races, Religions: Christianity,Judaism, Islam, Hindu,Buddhism etc… , ( atheists) it is connected to the Dark Side Of Human Kind in General ( and is not an attribute associated to a religion ) etc…., as to all the so called ( Homosexuality Rules : Homosexuality is Forbidden also in: Christianity & Judaism…. (Hence not only an Islamic Prohibition ) , Though personally( I have No Problems with homosexuals what so ever it is their Choice, Same as faith ), ( also you so called , How Kindly of you ( why certain Muslim / Arabian Countries don’t fight ISIS) I ask you how can they fight what they Fund ? They maybe Arabian but they are no Muslim ( Leadership wise at least) , (ISIS, is a Political Terror Cell Created only to get the whole Arabian/ Islamic world ) into the Old Dark Ages of Ancient Europe, ( also NO Arabian Leader can Reach Leadership Unless they are A FREEMASON) “The Divide & Conquer Rule ” – worked so well for centuries for only 1 country for years now ( But all LIES have a Short Length Of Rope) & Lies will hang it’s Distributer Eventually … & No matter How hard you shall Try Religion will Remain ,Pure , Equal, Mercy to all Men Kind against everything , it needs not My Witness nor My words , Nor , anyone’s Protection , because “TRUTH” – will Gather it’s Own Energy & those Whom will speak for it & Prove it ,Hold it For Centuries , same as the Quran Has for Years , Declared , the Innocence of Jews from the Murder of Jesus Christ ! , part of its Compelling Faith is to all its Followers to believe in Jesus , Moses & the last of the Prophets Mohamad PBH  ( those whom take few sentences , & Lines & Twist them to their Liking put them as (Whole Truths , when in fact they are 1/4 false.
Accusations ! Will never ever have an ever lasting effect no matter how hard you try ( for no Human Has Ownership on God, “Allah” , השם , & God will Plan Regardless, Of all the Humans Plans ) ” that will Prevail , Sadly (all Religious institutions no exception are So Twisted & Corrupted, Due to Policies Pre-Planned For Years)….., “Dumbing Policies ” are Global & they Spare No One & Nothing , Especially Arabs & Muslims I wonder why? , one must be very Careful in the attempt to “Portray” something as a “Monster” , that in Turn one Does Not turn into that “Very Monster” in the Process ( Because it is Self Destructive )…. as to polygamy in Islam : the Quran says: في الآيات الأولى من سورة النساء، يُطالعنا -في تشريع النكاح والتعدد في الزوجات- قوله تعالى: {فانكحوا ما طاب لكم من النساء مثنى وثلاث ورباع فإن خفتم ألا تعدلوا فواحدة} (النساء:3) وفي السورة نفسها في موضع آخر، نقرأ قوله سبحانه: {ولن تستطيعوا أن تعدلوا بين النساء ولو حرصتم} (النساء:129) so it means : ” marry as your Hearts Desire , a second, a Third , and a Forth wife , though if you fear you shall Not Be Equal to all in (treatment & all aspects even in Love), & you Shall Not ! Even if you where Careful !, then Marry only one …. however there is a deference between people’s traditions & The ( Islamic Faith) , because Polygamy was a Traditional thing back then Among the Arabian Tribes, as is. Now , & yes In Islam women has equal Rights as men , in Living, Working, Learning, being an equal influential Important Part of the Islamic Society ( since when is the wearing is a Representative of How Strong, Intellectual a woman is) when in fact Reveling the woman’s body.
only shows ( Her Sexuality’s Body Attributes ) how is that ever a Measurement on her Smarts , wits etc…, anyone willing to Judge women Based on their Wear ( may it be a mini skirt or a Burqa) is a very Shallow , Society ….., I have NO Problem with Religions of any Kinds , I Have a Problem with those whom Declare Ownership Over Religions & God , (Allah) , השם, & Claim to speak on his Behalf ! When they Don’t even Have Ownership On their own Bodies ! For eventually DEATH! Like it or not ( regardless of Skin color, Geographic Region, Race, or religious Beliefs, or Sexual orientations , will Equally Come for Us! ALL! , so I would rather Die with the “Truth” , then “Living” While Up keeping the Lies…..

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    1. I am not saying any religion is better than islam, my goal is to get a point accross, how can you spread truth about peaceful islam when is hasnt been peaceful so far. The point of that operation. I even stated it in the first sentence muslim people are not bad, just religions people allow acts for bad people without any consequences.

      If i really could not accept the truth, I would not have come here and asked to recieve comments, to be judged and told where I am wrong. But I got none of that from you, all you did was bash saying this and that, ironic how you’re not accepting truth. So lets take a look into it…

      ISIS actually stands for Islamic State in Irqa and Syria, so yeah i dont know where you got that freemason shit

      True, majoirty of religions are just as bad as Islam, but does that make it okay? So because all the abrahamic religions (including Islam) punished death to homosexuals, it means that Islam is peaceful? Bullshit and you know it too, and if you support that then you cannot say you have no problems with homosexual people. Simple.

      They didn’t even just kill them, they tortured them a big difference.

      How do they have no funds, and yes these are muslim countries, even if they are arabs you’re just making an excuse to not do shit about the problems the fucking world is facing. Rich countries, filthy rich, they just want more money than helping their own brothers and sisters. You blame corruptness but its been like this for centeries not cause some freemason shit but because religion doesn’t punish bad people for their actions.

      Therefore, I did not have to try hard and religion is already inpure, not equal and you cannot ignore it or prove me wrong. Why do you think there are suppressed women in Islam if its equal? It is not mercyful when they stoned people for adultery/being homo/or pissing off the prophet now is it?

      So if I am twisting up words and interpretations, tell me. Prove to me I am wrong and show me how, give me evidence and then i will accept your truth. But you have not so far. Ironic how you say I can’t accept truth, yet it’s what you’re doing right now. So I didn’t really make accusations like you are right now, i just came to conclusion with facts and evidence in front of me.

      Yea some people attempt to protray Islam as a monster, but they don’t have to, if you woke up and researched about Islam, and dont tell me you have because it’s a big religion with a lot to learn. You’re just like everyone else following the masses in their footsteps, if you talk about the divide and conquer, then how can you just follow other people instead of learning yourself? Basically still doing what freemasons want you to do.

      Yes the polygram sounds sweet? Marry as your ‘Hearts Desire’ but you cannot if you’re homosexual, oh and have 4 wifes but a wife can have only one husband, why? Because women are inequal proved many many times, but you ignored the own words in the quran, the words belonging to Allah himself, you just cannot accept it. Quran, Hadiths and history all prove me right unless im wrong but still waiting for you to prove me wrong.

      But thats what i mean, a women in the west wears normal fucking clothes and all muslims think she is a slut, because they have been conditioned by islam to think that way. So you cannot say Islam women have equal rights you’re only bullshitting yourself when ignoring everything i wrote. I even have a video, did you watch it?

      I really dont understand how you can just say women do have equal rights then just expect me to believe you with no evidence.

      you’re not going to die to truth, you’re going to die in the same place you’re in now, you are to stubborn to move forward, to see truth and do your own research. All you seem to do is talk about the divide and conquer but do nothing about it, just like when this truth comes to you, you see it and get scared of what reality maybe like.

      I am not saying Islam is wrong or right, or any religion is. But if it was right why does god allow such horrific acts to be allowed? And why do you support it?

    2. i will let the person know you replied Silent, as they wish to stay totally anonymous i will paste the reply here from them, if any..


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