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The Death of England


The UK is turning into a living nightmare. Everyday something happens that crushes the hope for the survival of this country’s culture and way of life.

It’s over. England is dead.

You have absolutely no idea how jealous I am of Americans. We make fun but you at the very least have a leader willing to stand up for your interests, and clearly and openly loves his country and wants the best for it. We have leaders and politicians who openly and actively loathe this country and are working as hard as they can to destroy any semblance of our history or greatness. The image of the Lord Mayor of Sheffield squatting on a table surrounded by portraits of previous mayors is just spitting in the face of our country’s past and the fact that we do not only allow it but encourage and applaud it is a massive part of the reason this place is burning with rampant crime.

We cannot even defend ourselves, speak freely for fear of being labelled as racists and islamophobes or arrested, or discuss how to fix things in public. If any politician even mentioned teaching traditional British values then they are cast out and labelled a traitor. This is because of a combination of governments and media that promote the liberal outlook of life as the mainstream instead of the radical left it is. We are bombarded with calls for false equality, minority crimes being censored in the media, masculinity being defined as a negative trait, and that us British are the bad ones and not the hostile invaders who don’t want to integrate, would rather bring their laws from there country and enforce it onto us.

I’m a fan of most of the Eastern euro type migrants, they’re generally assimilating, are white and have a lot of the same values. Most of them work hard and their second generation children are good at adapting to our culture. The rest only speak their own language and have no clue about life over here nor do they want to. They expect the country to adapt to them, not the other way round. They want their laws, they want sharia law, they do not care about Britain yet we still help them? Even when they break our laws?

Child sex crimes are actively being ignored and censored for the fear of appearing racist to our corrupt leftist government, they would rather let children be raped than to admit the fact this is because of allowing refugees in the country. Britain used to be a proud country but the allowance of minorities has created a political climate where we cannot defend ourselves for the fear of being arrested for wrongthink, which further validates that the UK is taking 1984 as a recipe rather than a warning.



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