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Stop ACTA2 – Global restrictions


Something I’d like to remind everyone about regarding which is tragically not pointed out enough: They are, in fact, one of many pieces in a global plan to destroy the open internet. The proof is hidden in plain sight (read below).

Around late 2016, all major occidental countries began looking for ways to subvert freedom, for the scope of either or facilitating mass against citizens. Each started doing so under a different pretext. The list includes the following:

+ + / – Digital Economy Bill (A.K.A. the war on ) / ( disguised as fighting sex trafficking) – Undermining secure – Proposing an internet tax

With the sole exception of (1) the has never been under such an assault in over 20 years. All of a sudden, starting with year 2017, we’re all hit by a wave of attacks against the in every country. Am I wrong to ask some questions here?

I’m almost fully convinced this was all a well coordinated movement: Governments worldwide want less freedom of expression, because happy people are fearless and harder to control… also less access to information, as it makes them harder to manipulate.

Article by:  twitter.com/MirceaKitsune


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