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Start Up and Shut Down Procedures for Whonix

Proper Start Up and Shut Down Procedures for Whonix

In order for Whonix to function as intended, there is a specific start up and shut down

procedure that you need to follow in the future. This chapter will explain how to do just that.

For an easy quick reference, here is the procedure:

1. Boot the Whonix Gateway first.
2. Boot the Whonix Workstation second.
3. Shutdown the Whonix Workstation first.
4. Shutdown the Whonix Gateway second.
5. Shutdown Debian last.

Below are the slightly more detailed instruction.

1. When you have booted into Debian from your USB Flash Drive and reach your Dekstop,

click on “Applications → Accessories → VirtualBox” to open the VirtualBox Manager.


background image

2. In the VirtualBox Manager, click on “Whonix-Gateway” and click “Start.” Whonix 

Gateway must always be run first or the system won’t work.


background image

3. When you reach the Desktop of the Whonix Gateway, go back to the VirtualBox Manager,

click on “Whonix-Workstation” and click “Start.”

When you reach the Desktop of the Whonix Workstation, you are ready to being using it as
you usually would any other computer.

NOTE: Whonix now uses Guest Additions which allows for a true “full screen” experience.
If you would like to use the Whonix Workstation in full screen mode,
press “RIGHT-CTRL+F.” If you need to switch to the VirtualBox Manager or Whonix
Gateway, you can either return the Whonix Workstation to the windowed version by
pressing “RIGHT-CTRL+F” again or you can simply press “RIGHT-CTRL” and then
press “ALT-TAB” to move to other programs running on your Debian host OS.


background image

4. When you are ready to shut down your computer, first make sure you have saved all

your work in the Whonix Workstation and closed the programs. Then, shut down the
Whonix-Workstation.  Then, click on the “K” start button in the lower left corner of your
screen, hover the mouse over the “Leave” icon that appears in the right side of the Start
Menu and then click on “Shut down.”

5. In the next window that appears, click on “Turn Off Computer.”


background image

6. When the Whonix Workstation window closes from view, it is shut down. You can now

close the Whonix Gateway. To close the Whonix Gateway, switch over to the Whonix
Gateway window and
 repeat the choices made in steps 4-5 above. It is the exact same
process for shutting down the Whonix Gateway as it is for shutting down the Whonix


background image

7. When the Whonix Gateway window closes from view, it is shut down. Now you can shut 

down Debian. Click on the “user” menu in the upper right corner of your screen and click
“Shut Down.”

8. In the window that pops up, click “Shut Down.” Eventually your computer should power


Once your computer is powered off, you are finished.  This is how you should start up and
shut down your system every time in the future.

Continue to Chapter 4B – Using the Tor Browser.



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