Save the peace


We Are Anonymous.

Lately, U.S. and DPRK relations have never been more tense as they are currently. The plague of warfare has instilled both fear and dread within the populace. The coming of a new war is upon us, sources say. Will these two leaders be foolish enough to enact a grand war that will harm and displace millions of lives who have nothing to do with this politically driven situation? Have world leaders become so bitter to the point of holding their own citizens hostage? Indeed, some may say that a war is of great need to shut up whatever nation is trifling with world peace.

Listen, as much as we want to expose every evil organization in the world, as much as we want to shut down every news site that is manipulating its citizens, and as much as we want to make the world one of peace… We cannot. We have limits just like any other being. People have fallen for the illusion that Anonymous is a great entity of power and strength, and it is, but to a certain degree. Remember, we are fueled by the people and only the people. If you want to expose evil organizations, do it. If you want to shut down news sites that are manipulating its people, go for it. If you want world peace, we are all with you.

Anonymous is here to inspire, not to lecture. Anonymous is here to guide, not to preach.

Our world is in a moment of great imbalance. As much as you want us to scare bad people into the darkness, we would much rather want to pull them out of the darkness and into the light. We try our best to not feed the people with conspiracies and pseudo-thinking. We want heroes. We need them. We need you.

This is no hipster operation. The operation’s objective is simply to inspire and guide the younger generations. Because on them rests the future. The way we sculpt the young, is the way our world will look tomorrow. We must be prudent, we must be brave before it’s too late.

In any case, if world war breaks out, we have a special operation under the works in case it ever happens. But in the meantime…

Operation Save The Peace, engaged.

We Are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.



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