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Sabu says Anonymous is harmless now


Sabu aka Hector Xavier Monsegur was one of the founders of lulzsec which was an offshoot of Anonymous and responsible for several cyber attacks against corporations and governments.

Speaking to NY Post, Sabu said  “Society has little to fear from the online anarchists in Guy Fawkes masks. Anonymous is irrelevant, all it is now is a figment of hipsters’ imagination”

The NY Post article portrays Sabu as a “Mr. Robot”, an Emmy award winning TV show centered around and anarchist hacking network known as “F-society”.

Why the New York Post sought to interview Sabu is not known.  Ideally they should have approached others from Lulzsec for comment.

The comment made by Sabu concerning Anonymous is abusrd.  The very nature of Anonymous is defined by its name, “anonymous”.  Perhaps Sabu may wish to read up on the definition of this word?

Sabu can not know who is part of the Anonymous collective, by its definition.  Therefore, he can not make wide sweeping statements.  There are many elements of Anonymous spread across different internet platforms,  micro blogging, forums, chat rooms, social media. There are hacking classes being taught to newcomers to Anonymous, the most public being an onion / IRC chat with “Athena” who has structured lessons.

There are also several high profile websites which are not ‘branded’ as Anonymous but are created from Anonymous Operations, each website providing awareness and petitions.  The public opinion swayed by awareness is an instrumental factor in swaying government policy.

How Sabu can make such a wide sweeping statement escapes all form of logic.  This is because Sabu can not possibly know what Anonymous Operations are running, their goals, he can not know of the newcomers interested in hacktivism and how many years they have been roaming around in random IRC chats and onion sites on the darknet being taught various different skills.

If Sabu were to look at his lulzsec peers he would see that they all had a desire to change the world for the better, he would also see that the majority are now pursuing ethical hacking careers as in the case of Ryan Ackroyd, Jake Davis & Mustaffa Al-Bassam.

Sabu may also see the case of another 3 British people, teenagers who were responsible for hacking the CIA.  (Court cases pending at time of writing this article).   Again, these teenagers made it known that their hacks were in protest at the draconian American Government as well as the homeless being persecuted.  Their hacks were also against the KKK.

The known people of lulzsec do not care for Sabu and the fact that Sabu essentially worked against Anonymous / Lulzsec.  Jake Davis (Topiary) has stated: “I don’t care about Hector in the slightest. Not even a little. I have no strong feelings one way or the other.”

Sabu should not speak about something which he has little or no knowledge of.
The New York Post should choose to interview more people other than a traitor to Anonymous.

The trolling nature of Anonymous would suggest that someone from within the Anonymous collective would seek to show Sabu that Anonymous are hardly irrelevant.





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