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Reaper Sect – website deleted by Anon trolls

There is a small group of people within discord and telegram chats who call themselves Reaper-Sect. The people in Reaper Sect call themselves Anonymous. Despite calling themselves Anonymous, they have repeatedly negated core fundamental values which is at the heart of Anonymous and Anons.

Reaper Sect have:

  1. Deleted Anon Op work from their discord server on purpose
  2. Banned said person who wrote Anon Op work
  3. Made numerous DDOS attacks against this very website in addition to other Anon Op websites
  4. Boasted about their attacks and seemingly proud of the fact that their DDOS attack took down Anon Op sites such as www.opfreeanons.com and www.ophomeless.com

It was noted a few hours ago that Reaper Sect themselves have a website and that website was registered 3 days ago.

As a direct response to their previous attacks, Reaper Sect website is now deleted from webhost, in addition to nobody at Reaper Sect can now login to their server / webhost.

Sure, Reaper Sect can point their domain name to another host and attempt to start their website again.  However, in doing so, they are highly likely to attract the same mechanisms as their first attempt.

If you attack Anonymous Operations such as www.ophomeless.com – you can sure as hell “Expect Us”.


This account is used by several people to post. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.


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