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Ransomware hits Chartered Accountants – BTC demanded

A Dadar based CA’s office was hit by ransomware attack on Monday, cyber fraudsters encrypted the entire data and demanded money in bitcoins to remove the block.

The CA’s office located at Framroz Court, Dadar found it suspicious that some files are seen missing and he took the advice of his office employee and as soon as the CA realised that this is an incident of the ransomware attack, he filed a complaint at the nearby police station.

“A case of ransomware was reported, following which, an FIR has been registered at the Bhoiwada police station,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 4), N Ambika.

“Normally, ransomware attacks target big organisations. However, this time, since the last date for filing income tax is nearing, the fraudsters may have targeted the CA knowing that he would have sensitive data and would be willing to pay. It is difficult to track down the person behind such attacks. We are taking the help of the cyber cell to investigate the matter.” said an officer.

In the ransomware attacks, the fraudsters managed to get a virus installed on the target computers by sending infected links or attachments. Once a target clicks on the link or downloads the attachment, the virus encrypts the data and demands money to provide the encryption key.

On Sunday, the MGM hospital in Navi Mumbai was attacked by a ransomware. The data was locked out and the fraudsters demanded payment in bitcoins. Similarly, 10 days ago, Hotel Three Star in Kharghar had come under a ransomware attack. While last year, the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) was hit by a ransomware. In 2016, 150 computers in Mantralaya were hit by ransomware attack.

Due to the digitalisation of the market, the numbers of cyber frauds have been seen increasing. Cyber cells must find out a permanent solution to ensure the blockage of cyber crimes. The above incidents mentioned are evidence that the target of the fraudsters is not set, they are randomly attacking any of the targets.



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