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The Pursuance Project is process democracy based upon equality and equal opportunity. Originally founded by Barret Brown, the project is gaining supporters, helpers and people who are interested in this new form of governance.  Read more here.

Pursuance Project Videos


Pursuance Project: Steve Phillips

In this episode, we’re talking to Steve Phillips of The Pursuance Project. Pursuance is a new tool for organising activists and journalists online which...

Conversation with Barrett Brown on Pursuance Project

Vegan Trove Published on 4 Aug, 2017 The Naked Empire: Conversation with Barrett Brown on His Work, Pursuance Project, ProjectPM and More Barrett Brown is a...

Other News: Anonymous Operations

Anonymous UK protest – Egyptian Embassy

A protest was held outside the Egyptian Embassy in London on 15th September 2018 in relation to Egyptian actions of the hanging of 6...

UK Government – NHS Website hacked / defaced #OpWorld

The Electric Thunderbolt Team have just hacked a British government website, NHS - National Health Service for the United Kingdom.  This hack is one...