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#OpNestle = Water is a human right


The Nestlé Group is managed by geographies (Zones Europe, Americas and Asia/Oceania/Africa) for most of the food and beverage business, with the exceptions of the globally managed businesses, which include Nestlé Waters, Nestlé Nutrition, Nespresso, Nestlé Professional and Nestlé Health Science. They also have joint ventures with such as Cereal Partners Worldwide and Beverage Partners Worldwide. As wildfires rage all over drought-stricken BC, the provincial government is still letting companies like Nestlé take water for $2.25 per million litres. It is outrageous that Nestlé can draw limitless amounts of Canada’s natural resources to sell for a huge profit while British Columbians are asked to not water there lawns and take shorter showers. Nestlé’s chairman Peter Brabeck says that “extremist” NGOs are responsible for the idea that water is a human right, and that water should have a market price — apparently he thinks that the “market price” for him is $2.25. The cruel irony is that the new water legislation is fairly appropriate when it comes to individuals’ water use — but corporations, once again, get off with paying virtually nothing. If you or I were to bottle enough groundwater to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool, we’d pay $180. Nestlé will pay $6.25. That’s bananas. BC has some of the purest, cleanest and most delicious water in the world — and Nestlé doesn’t think anything of sucking it out of the ground for a pittance and selling it back to us in a plastic bottle. Nor does the BC government, apparently.

This new pricing structure, which was supposed to fix the problem of freeloading corporations, is even more outrageous at a time when many parts of the world are facing extreme water shortages. From Pakistan to California to Oregon to China to right here in Canada, we as the human race are going to make sure Nestle can’t walk away with our water without paying a fair price.

We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. we are united as one. divided by zero. to the greedy Nestle company you should have expected us.



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