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In a world of hate, love is the revolution
Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.

The world is being destroyed, corrupted and deceived and too many people are at ease and complacent with the suffering and atrocities against our fellow brothers and sisters at the hand of their oppressors.
War is murder.
We must lay down our weapons; and fight for peace with peace.
One thing is for certain: the world needs healing.
Disease, confusion, war, depression, hate, violence plagues nearly every corner of the planet.
Anonymous has been watching you fight for truth gathering in groups and raising your voices over the internet to fight against injustices. Leaders, Globalists, Elites, New World Order, United Nations, and their puppet leaders, all of them have lied to divide all of us.
One of the new world order puppet leaders and Zionists leader, the house of Rothschild has been playing the both sides of every major war since Napoleon.
They backed both sides of the Civil war too.
Throughout history tyrants have used propaganda and hate to keep their servants hateful and distrusting of each other.
They are too busy to fight their rulers.
Even today, those that wish to global control use religion, ethnicity, sexuality, politics, income gaps, and more to keep people seeing the each other as the enemy.
Divide and Conquer This is the strategy the ruling class has been using ever since the Roman Emperors and before to keep themselves in power.
It has worked for them like clockwork for a long tome.
But we the people of earth can bring it to an end Stop playing their game.
Stop fearing and fighting the bogeyman enemies they create through false flags terror incidences, violence, shootings, disinformation campaigns, crisis actors.
If you truly wish to combat the ones trying to establish themselves as the ruling elite of the globe, all it takes is loving kindness towards fellow human beings.
Even if you don’t agree with their opinion.
Martin Luther King Jr said. In fact, violence merely increases hate.
So it goes.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Only light can do that.

Love is not just an emotion felt between two people.
Love is energy and a contagious force.
The world needs change and change starts from our peace.
We need to quit fighting each other, destroying each other.
That’s exactly what the new world order needs to achieve one world order, world war three through the divide and conquer and false flag operations.
The Freemason grand master Albert Pike wanted the world war 3 to be fought between the Islam and Zionists.
Those who enslave the World will never control the free man.
No matter what laws they establish, or false flag operations they create.
If you want to change the world, let us be polite, humble and truthful with one another; for the future of humanity.
Peace starts with us; the people, one person at a time.
Let us give love a chance.
Love is the sole purpose of our existence; and we will all know peace when we learn to accept others as their self; instead of expecting people to behave and think a certain way; or believe certain things. Famous words by the late John Bunyan says.
You have not lived to-day until you have done something for someone who can, never, repay you.
The most priceless gift in all the world is the love inside of you. Because love is the most powerful energy in the universe.
Let us spread Love each and every one of us.
And be an example of the peace, you want to see in this world.
Let us help Our Brothers an Sisters.
A smile at a stranger, being grateful, helping others and giving to those who are homeless, being brave to fight against injustices and inequality, to be forgiving and to love is a gift of life.
Like the notorious Mark Twain once said, Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
Beneath our experiences and our own struggles we bear and the pain we carry we all share the same thing and that is love.
We are closer now then we may have ever dreamed possible, and the so called rulers of our world can not hold back the revolution. Whenever you bring kindness, love and understanding into any unpeaceful situation, you contribute to the cause of peace.
Love begins where our ego ends.
Let’s begin to tip the balance towards peace.
Imagine if we could spread love as quickly as they spread their hate? Fellow citizens, Every situation is a chance for us to spread love.
Let’s inspire others toward a better way and promote love and compassion.
So let us be the change; we are the ones we have been waiting for.
Let us be the revolution of love.
Let us take our humanity back.

    This account is used by several people to post. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.


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