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#OpNetNeutrality – Help needed!


Please copy and paste the below message and hash tags and post to the FCC social media pages:

You have injured our economy and free speech in just one action, all without so much as a single public hearing. I will not stand for this and I am not alone!

#RestoreNetNeutrality #NetNeutralityOrElse #WeAreThePeople #YouWorkForUs

Copy & Paste To Stand With Me

Paste it in comment on facebook or tweet here:

FCC Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FCC/

FCC Twitter Page: Check out The FCC (@FCC): https://twitter.com/FCC?s=09

Ajit Pai : Check out Ajit Pai (@AjitPaiFCC): https://twitter.com/AjitPaiFCC?s=09



Do More:

FCC DOX: https://pastebin.com/5SApX9LE

Go Here: https://www.battleforthenet.com

Contact Your Represenatives in 2 minutes : https://resist.bot/

Another Useful Tool: https://democracy.io/#!/

Find The Assholes Whom Are Supposed To Represent You: https://www.house.gov/representatives

Find your senator : https://www.senate.gov/pagelayout/gen…

We Are Anonymous!
We Are Legion!
We Do Not Forgive!
We Do Not Forget!


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