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    Welcome to the main page for #Op-Motivate here you will find Everything that the OP will be doing as well as the bookmarks we have on things! If you’ve made it here to find something specific please use Ctrl+F to find it. If you want to learn about who we are and and find out out about the OP in general then feel free to browse around!

    Statement Of Operations:

    Members of Anonymous,

    for too long we have stood idly by whilst only a handful of members may be committing, whilst I’d love to say it’s not you, if you’ve not yet made a move, joined a discord, changed an operation for the better. you are just another member!

    You see, here within anonymous, we seem to have this idea that we are helping just by being here. yes in many cases you would be right but here is why you need to be doing what you can to provide for Anonymous:
    1) Without proper Operational support an op will shut down within the first 24 hours!

    2) without the foundational inspiration and ability an Op will never be more than an idea

    3) without your help an op won’t have your amazing interpretations and ideas

    All three of those things are important!

    Now here’s why we need Op-Motivate:

    1) To get Anonymous into the natural working g and amazing order we once were, idea or otherwise we WERE great!

    2) We are great and the contradiction these two statements make are symbolic of the amazing differences each anon has! This may sound sappy but it’s true!

    3) Anonymous is stuck. our last successful progression was last year! We need to motivate new members to get onto places where they are able to help each other out!

    4) We need more members to be motivated and even just helping one operation!

    So… why should you help #Op-Motivate?

    Well to answer your question I’m going to remind you of when the world feared Anonymous. The world used to move out of its way! It used to try to predict the next move only to be proven fatally wrong! Now it’s a laughing stock an old idea, from a forgotten age of the internet that never grew into modernisation! The reason we need you to help motivate each other is because you and you alone will provide us with what is necessary to teach and feed other anon members as well as hand them the ability to help make Anonymous prosper and achieve what it was.

    Some of you may disagree, and even if you disagree and think Anonymous is better in the shadows just remember this, ALL Anonymous members need to be motivated in order to achieve success! and that is just the fact of things!

    TL;DR: #OpMotivate is about motivating the members of anonymous to do more be more and make more advancements, for without the successes of each the successes of us would be no more!


    Operation Motto:

    “The success of you will determine the success of us!”


    Join the discord here: https://discord.gg/kNadd


    Thanks for reading our S.O.O (Statement Of Operations),

    Zacko (Operation Leader)


    Discord Links:

    An “external” server is a server that is not run by the operation and instead by other members of Anonymous!

    Senior Operatives have access to the  Operation Channel within The X Server!

    Operations Discord: https://discord.gg/QZDfRDx

    The X Server (External): https://discord.gg/CPaScrZ

    Anonymous Chat Server: https://discord.gg/gbgwN

    Digital Gangtas (Off-Topic): https://www.discord.gg/Wd25hZV

    How you can support the operation:

    1.) Get your yourself onto “The X Server.” The Discord link can be found here: https://discord.gg/CPaScrZ

    2.) Get into discussions with others about the amazement of Anonymous by talking to other member and getting back to what it once was! Link here: https://discord.gg/gbgwN

    3.) Talk IRL to people about Anonymous and about how deadly they are, tell them about what we are and what we do, not what we were and what we did

    4.) Use your own skills to benefit Anonymous, if you know you’re good with computers, then do some raiding here: https://discord.gg/XVbYNca. If you know you are particularly good at motivating others stay here in this discord and message “Zacko” ask to be a motivator or ask in the #Motivator-Requests

    There you have it! A few things you right now! Could be getting up to to improve anonymous! So get on it and improve Anonymous!! (This list will lengthen and improve over time)


    Page will be improved over time!



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