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Missing 13 year old Girl In Bakersfield, California

13-year-old missing girl in Bakersfield, California


A young 13-year-old girl called ” Marya ” went missing since 9/2018. Adam Grizzly, family’s friend, reported her disappearance in a Facebook post where he mentions the following: ”  Please help Us find our friends daughter she went missing yesterday around 6:30 pm. Two men pick her up in this gray car we don’t know the make our model her name is Marya and she’s 13 your old please with any information contact the Bakersfield Police Department. ”. The following is a screenshot of the Facebook post:

It is believed that she got kidnapped by 2 men driving a grey car, as you can see in the following pictures:

The next image is Marya‘s face picture:

This following video shows how exactly Marya was kidnapped:

It is very recommended for everyone to help in finding her as soon as possible. Any helpful information please call Bakersfield Police Department at this number: 6613277111.



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