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Mirai botnet creators – Justice? Court hearing and conclusion.

The creators of the Mirai botnet which killed many areas of the internet 2 years ago have received a very light sentence in respect of their crimes.  Josiah White aged 21, Paras Jha aged 22 and Dalton Norman aged 22 received just 5 years of probation and 62 weeks of community service.  This light sentence reflects their help given to the FBI cybersecrutiy division in order to help fight against cybercrime.
They were ordered to pay $127,000 as restitution and have given up their crypto coins in respect of this.  At the time of writing it is not known how much crypto currency was given.

The light sentence was given in respect of the 3 previously helping the FBI fight against cybercrime and it is expected that they will continue to help.

“Cybercrime is a worldwide epidemic that reaches many Alaskans.  The perpetrators count on being technologically one step ahead of law enforcement officials. The plea agreement with the young offenders, in this case, was a unique opportunity for law enforcement officers and will give FBI investigators the knowledge and tools they need to stay ahead of cybercriminals around the world,” Bryan Schroder, the US attorney for Alaska, said in the release.

Court official documents showed that the 3 criminals created hundreds of thousands of computers and other devices (IOT) which were infected with malware which they controlled to effect their botnet.

At court, prosecutors said they do not believe that the 3 criminals were responisble for many of the attacks seen because the code for the botnet had already been posted in hacker / criminal forums found on the darkweb.

These 3 criminals have received a light sentence purely because they have helped the FBI and presumably will continue to do so.
Their light sentences are in a stark contrast to other people such as Martin Gottesfeld who is currently facing up to 15 years in prison simply for an online protest against a hospital and its abuse (read torture) of one of its patients.

To read more about Marty, please see: freemartyg.com

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