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How not to run an Anonymous Chat, Flo


You would expect an Anonymous chat room to value the key fundamental core beliefs of Anonymous, right?

You would not expect your chat to be deleted simply because the person disliked your stance.  Neither would you expect your chat to be deleted after you complained about this….  Additionally, you would not expect the “owner” or admin of the chat server to then ban you from the chat (after you have said you would leave of your own accord if problem of needless chat deletion could not be rectified).
You certainly would not expect the owner to then go on to incite further drama and declare that you threatened them!!!

Screenshots of this comical chat from many people in chat server plus screenshots of chat owner making unfounded accusations and inciting further drama will appear here,  this will hopefully serve as an example as to how NOT to run an Anonymous chat room.

Take a laugh at the preposterous allegations.   Take a laugh at the lack of respect for Anonymous and its key principle.   Take a laugh at how the administrator dealt with the situation.   Take a laugh please,  otherwise, you will cry in pity as to the direction these people intend to carry on in their pursuit of being Anons.

The greatest of respect goes to the work they do,  they have made 2 videos.    However, this is pointless as they totally negate FREE SPEECH!

They made an excellent recruiting video, but again, what is the point?  To recruit someone to their chat server to be met my drama of chat getting deleted and then further drama from server owner / admin in the fact that they make unfounded accusations?

UPDATE: I have been informed by 3 people from the chat server that along with my ban, Anonymous Operation work was deleted.  The ban took place several minutes after I stated that I had placed work in operation channels; this course of action is unacceptable.

  • Deletes chat for no reason
  • Deletes chat for no reason after I complain that my chat is deleted
  • Usual scenario of backlash from members of chat server
  • I said I would leave server if problem not rectified, however was banned for no reason.
  • After my ban, I received a PM from the admin saying “bye”,  I then further received PMs from admin who stated several accusations against me.  Apparently, I had made threats.  Totally incorrect, purely drama.
  • Deletes Anonymous Operation information.

This chat server is detrimental to newcomers of Anonymous.   Newcomers could enter the server and believe they are in an Anonymous server.   The reality of the situation is that they may well be in a server in which people believe is Anonymous,  yet, the server does not value free speech and totally disregards this.  The owner / admin of server then incites further drama after my complaint of chat deletion,  the further drama they cause is to ban me from server,  delete the Anon Op work I put into channels,  then go on to accuse me of several different unfounded things.

Anonymous will monitor this situation, as it does with other chat areas which are recruiting.  Newcomers will receive information of many other Anonymous chat servers in addition to an advisory detailng the reason/s why the server they currently joined may not necessarily by true Anonymous,  despite the fact that the people there believe themselves to be Anonymous.

Quite simply, Anonymous core value is free speech.  To delete chat for no reason, to delete Anonymous Operation information for no reason is unforgivable.

I was asked many times in PM whether I would accept an apology from the admin.   I said no, quoting the mantra:  “We do not forgive, we do not forget.”
I requested apologies in PM for the needless deletion and ban as well as the unfounded baseless accusations.  No apology was forthcoming.

It seems an alarming trend recently for many people to call themselves Anons,  start a group and come up with a list of preposterous rules and actions which go against the very basic fundamental core values of Anonymous, Free Speech.

Anonymous is monitoring this situation, solution is as described above.  Expect us.  We do not forgive.  We do not forget.




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