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Goal of #OpMarijuanaLegalisation


The goal of our Operation is to promote a positive image of Marijuana and the positive effects it can have on people as a whole.

We understand that some people may use it for the wrong reasons, but we stand as a group that supports the better side of the cannabis plant as a whole, locally nationally, and globally. As the benefits of its legalization far outweigh any justification to keep it illegal, this is where I would like to start the discussion. As individuals, how can we promote a better understanding of Marijuana so others will be persuaded to do the same, without the slightest hint of fear, and to promote the positivity that is behind this movement.

No hate, no ethnicity, just a plant that all people should have the unalienable right to enjoy not only nature, but the Cannabis Plant itself. Yes, I capitalized the C and P in “Cannabis Plant”, because this world is full of beautiful creatures and nature, and what right does anyone have to permit to us enjoying the whole of mother nature’s creations?

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