Wondered what it is like to be a chat administrator within the Anonymous collective?
You’d expect an Anonymous chat room administrator to value the core beliefs of the Anonymous collective; the main beliefs which have been prevalent since Anonymous originated well over a decade ago.  Three core beliefs are:

Freedom of speech
Helping others
That there is no leader of the Anonymous collective

There are many chats within the Anonymous collective of which I try and help out with ops as well as the role of administrator.   Those who “know me” through the Anonymous collective realise that I am an old Anon and a moralfag.   A whois search on Anonymous domain names I am legally responsible for reveal that some of the names were registered in 2009, whilst was registered in 2004.

Anonymous can not be owned.   Sure, I own domain names related to Anonymous, but someone has to do this.  Admittedly I do look for suitable owners for domain names in order for me to transfer legal ownership of the domain name to whoever wishes to be legally responsible for it.  For example,  in the last 2 weeks I have asked Zacko if they want to take ownership of – Looper if he wants
I think Spirit is taking opnewblood domain in future, and Neo for opawake website.  For outside readers, these are people in our chat rooms.

This is how the Anonymous collective works, by transferring the necessary legal ownership to other people within the Anonymous collective.

Now, there is one area of the Anonymous collective that is constantly laughed at by other Anons elsewhere.  It has been discussed many times in social media groups, twitter, youtube, IRC chats the absurdity of this area of Anonymous.  The absurdity and criticisms are numerous, though a summary is that:

0.The websites belonging to this area of Anonymous hardly shows any Anonymous related news.   There is some news, but this seems to be gleaned from other sources.  For example, news of a paedo ring in UK was taken from media outlets and shown on their site, however they omit the crux of the news and did not state that this paedo ring was being reported with thanks to an Anonymous Operation, namely #opdeatheaters.
0.The websites produce a lot of clickbait material.
0. The websites are plastered with adverts.
0.The websites are essentially a business and is not Anonymous.

The above are some criticisms of the websites.   I have been aware of these criticisms ever since I joined discord chat just over a year ago.  Infact, I only joined discord chat because of the discussion about these websites in an Anonymous IRC chat.

I was asked if I wanted to be a moderator in this chat room to which I replied “No”
Despite this, I was made moderator so felt it was an additional Anonymous duty of mine.
From moderator I was then made administrator, again, something I did not want.
I left the role of administrator and jokingly said, “ok, add me as admin again”.  This was meant as a pure joke (as I did not want to be admin).  I stayed as admin for several further months.  Until….. until………. well, until a new “owner” came along.

The new owner has in my opinion made several mistakes so far.  Examples of these mistakes are:

0.Initially in #rules channel,  Admin wrote that they want to increase numbers in the Anonymous Community.   I pointed out to Admin that Anonymous is not a community,  shortly after I saw that the post in rules channel had been edited to delete the “Anonymous Community” remark.   –   In another discord server, people laughed about this stating that the admin has no clue what the Anonymous Collective
0.Several people were banned by admin for no reason.   None of these people knew the reason of their ban despite repeatedly asking for the reason as to why.
0.I was banned for exercising my right to free speech.   Previously, I discussed the concerns raised by others in my PM, I discussed this in X server, the operation chat server.   When Admin came online within general chat,  I asked Admin why several people had been banned.   The result of me asking this was a ban!   Yes, I was literally banned for asking why several other people were banned.
0.I was banned from X server for no reason.  The X server is for operations, I was banned from this server for no reason.
0.I was banned from an old chat.  Previous admins are annoyed at this new owner so they opened up an older chat.   The Admin / owner came online and banned me for asking again the reasons why people are being banned.
0.The new owner declares people as being stupid.  Stating that they will be banned.
0.The new owner has closed their private messages and refuses to answer or respond to private messages. When I was admin, my PMs were always open to everyone and I tried my best to help people sort out their problems.  This is what Anonymous is about, helping people.  The current owner thinks otherwise.
0.The new owner has banned further people, one of them for saying “fuckHQ” – This admin needs to realise that saying “fuckHQ” is part of free speech.

I was tod by a previous admin that the new owner should be given a chance to fully the concepts of a chat room.

Now, I am sorry if I sound harsh here – It is my opinion that the new owner should be fully aware of the concepts of an Anonymous chat room as well as being fully aware of the core beliefs of Anonymous.

It is my opinion that as this new owner does not understand these very basic things, then I do not consider them to be an Anon.    The core beliefs of Anonymous have all been disregarded by the new owner within the first few hours of their presence in chat.
This is a live blog.
As a live blog, this page will be updated with further observations and screenshots of the chat.   This has now turned into an Anonymous Operation by people within discord chat who are accustomed to there as well as people from IRC chat.

Further updates:

Further people have been banned including another ex-administrator. Also,  3 administrators have now been banned for seemingly no reasons,  myself, Jassa and Looper.

Various trolling raids made on their chat server, such trolling raids saying #bringbackjdm #unbanjdm –  I was sent screenshots of this and asked them to stop, was also sent screenshot of someone saying “jdm wouldn’t want your spam”

Other trolling raids are planned for the future with memes and PM to people showing various links around the internet concerning profits being made in the name of Anonymous.

There are memes being made:


Now, what is concerning amongst all this drama is the seemingly complete lack of understanding of the Anonymous collective by anonhq new owner. This is shown in their actions of not only banning a lot of people but also within their comments.

Their admin said in rules that they wish to increase the Anonymous community. A new account was made by myself, I questioned the admin about Anonymous being a community and was banned for this question.  I notice later that the admin edit their rules post and change the wording from Anonymous community into the following:

Admin – Last Thursday at 19:24
Bullying new members will not be tolerated, otherwise we will never grow as a group or accomplish anything, anyone who sympathize with them will be subject to the same treatment
Well, in relation to this admins post,  congratulations for editing it and deleting your thoughts about Anonymous being a community.  I was informed that one new account went into chat and wrote one post:  “Anonymous VS Business” and were instantly banned.

Now something really concerning.  A few people have spoken with me about their participation and efforts in the X server for Anonymous operations.   One person said they had deleted all their posts and work there,  another person said they had left there.

One person called “Zacko” who was a team leader in X server was banned from there, again the ban was for no valid reason.  Admin called Zacko a NOBODY

Zacko is far from being a nobody.   Zacko has helped in various different operations, had his own channel for his opmotivate work – yet was banned.  Zacko is also the administration and owner of:

Zacko is hardly a nobody.  Nobody is a nobody.   Even trolls deserve respect…

However, this new owner deserves respect?   I will leave you be the judge of that.  Leave your comments in the comments section below.

*This is a live blog post – updates will continue*


    1. From what I have read and seen for myself, I would have to agree. Things in there have been so convoluted and twisted that its unbelievable. As an owner of a server and admin to selected others, I must say that those rights mentioned above should be taken into consideration and not tossed around as privileges. As mentioned before, there are core beliefs that make up the collective. in my opinion, I believe that if you are not interested in becoming a part of the Collective, then its wise not to lead on that you are. We need team players not side liners.

    2. Nova & Tek, thanks for comments!
      What I find strange is that I was told to give this new owner a chance to understand the concept of Anonymous. So, seemingly, there is a new owner that does not understand Anonymous and this has been evidenced by their derisory actions in banning people for their right of free speech. It is no wonder why several people have left there in complete disgust, whilst one person has even removed their work from op server.
      Oh, new owner banned me from op server also. How pathetic is that?!!!

    3. lmfao everyone knows fucking anonHQ is making a profit in anonymous name and that why anyone who know what anon is just pisses with laughing at them and the fags in their discordapp chat they been exist for about 3 years and have done zero operations
      fuck them & why support them as they are not anonymous and just business
      get some fucking self respect & respect anon also and don bother with them
      you blog shows they admin have no fucking clue what anon is lmfao

    4. razka, no no no and no. I’ve had to approve your post in the spirit of free speech, else I would be like the new owner of what I blogged about.
      Your post is incorrect. The people in discord are all mostly of the opinion that anonhq is a business, they generally use anonhq discord chat as like a kindergarten environment and will send people invites to their own servers away from anonhq, it is in their own servers that Anonymous Operations get done.
      There is also anonhq X server for operations, – it would be nice if anonhq were to put info on their site as to the productiveness of the operations there.
      Please do not insult the people of their discord chat room, I know for a fact that you have not been there so you have no rights to comment on this. Furthermore, I know many of the people from their chat room (as they are in other servers in discord) – we get things done in these servers, so, please don’t criticise these people – they are good people. Sure some do nothing, some do very little, some do quite a lot. None deserve your criticisms.
      The point of this blog was showing the criticisms of the new “owner” and showing that so far, myself and numerous other people are of the opinion that the new owner does not know what Anonymous core beliefs are etc.
      Do not criticise the good people. If you criticise then I shall g-line you from irc… lolol, obviousy just joking, I can not g-line you or ban you for free speech. Nobody from the Anonymous collective can do that….. Oh, wait…. yah, the new “owner” does lol
      Seriously though, don’t criticise people you don’t know, they are all good people – even the trolls.

    5. Razka, judge not, or you will be judged. My first experience on discord was tonight. I have a real life crises of a corrupt social worker. I received advice and the right motivation from an op, understanding now what the consequences of not intervening might have (thanks MAAS and Maia). Of course I had to learn to navigate and find my way, but real solutions to real problems are giving and fixed. There are also lots of fakes, and also people being banned unruly. JDA at least understands the beliefs.

    6. I am on a few Anonymous related discord channels, one of which was X server. I was part of a small group that were helping the admins with questions and adding/removing roles of other members. I gave this new administrator a chance, unlike many others. After working on my operation like it was a full-time job, I was rewarded with a ban today. Why? Because I asked why the hardest working, ex-mod user was banned. Just because I asked. I was instantly locked out of my operation, lost the work that was published there – and soon 3 more followed. All of those three users had the same permissions I did. Now some operations do not have any leaders in them, rendering them useless and impossible to join.

      Within 48 hours this new administrator completely murdered what was “X Server”. The only people that remain are the ones who aren’t aware of the drama that is unfolding, everyone who is witness to this insanity has left voluntarily or met with the “banhammer” or our new Admin.


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