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Dr Kelly – Coverup or coincidence? Evidence top secret for 70 years!


DOCTOR KELLY is the world’s greatest scientific expert on NERVE GAS – but unfortunately he was MURDERED BY MI5 and following his murder – just to make sure no busy-body would investigate how MI5 British government spies murdered him, they DUG UP HIS COFFIN and moved it without TELLING ANYONE… If you thought all that was suspicious – then how about Dr RICHARD HOLMES – he was Dr Kelly’s assistant and they worked together at PORTON DOWN in Wiltshire – guess what? Dr Holmes went for a walk in the woods and he was then found dead too – just like Dr Kelly nine years before. WHY WERE THEY MURDERD? Well, Dr Kelly had been contacting newspaper journalists and feeding them info – and the biggest BOMBSHELL STORY OF ALL TIME which Dr Kelly was sitting on is how Her Majesty’s government have been POISONING MILLIONS OF BRITISH PEOPLE with Cadmium, Food Poisoning bugs and even PLAGUE.

The BBC say its “just a coincidence” that these two Doctors died the same way… So let’s compare the evidence:

– Both Doctors knew Cadmium was sprayed in Norwich, Wymouth, Bournemouth & over millions of Brits while they slept
– Both doctors know LIVE PLAGUE had been sprayed on Scottish people in the region near the Isle of Lewis
– Both doctors knew that KILLER BUGS had been released on the London Underground over a period of 40 years
– Both doctors know that Porton Down violated the Chemical Weapons treaties
– Both doctors knew that one of the Porton Down scientists who sprayed carcinogens over Norwich and Devon dropped dead at 33 with a weird disease which caused his stomach to ‘leak’ – both this scientists’s sons had serious medical problems too
– Both doctors NEVER left any SUICIDE NOTE
– Both doctors went out for a walk in the woods
– Both doctors were found dead
– Both doctors deaths were described by the BBC as ‘suicide’
– Both doctors worked in the same lab

Now, how many people do you know who have committed suicide the SAME WAY who shared the same desk?

Above from: www.facebook.com/ChristopherEverard/posts/10204408100358517

Dr David Kelly Inquest Fund: www.inquest4drdk.co.uk/



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