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#CGAN CyberGuerrilla – Compromised? No privacy?

The following is from CyberGuerrilla website: We strive to keep our communications as secure and private as we can. We do not log your IP address. (Most services keep detailed records of every machine which connects to the servers. We keep only information which cannot be used to uniquely identify your machine). All your data is stored by CyberGuerrilla in encrypted form

Contrast the above text to the claim from Anonymous Bites Back admin, Mark Lubbers.  The screenshot below was witnessed by several people (some of whom once associated with Mark Lubbers).    It has been noted that Mark Lubbers chat (shown below) has since been deleted from his chatroom, therefore this shows that Mark knows what he has done is wrong.

Despite sending emails to CGAN, despite sending tweets to CGAN and private messages,  nobody has explained how Mark Lubbers obtained a private home ISP address from CGAN,  equally nobody has denied it.

The actions of CGAN in this instance is to simply ignore this concern.

However, for those Anons using the irc and blog of CGAN, they need to be aware of either the lack of privacy or lack of security in place at CGAN.

It would be appreciated if CGAN could respond to these concerns, as to why Mark Lubbers was able to retrieve a home ISP from CGAN when CGAN claims it is secure and privacy exists.

CGAN has previously been a beneficiary of Anonymous Foundation – to the amount of around 1000 USD.  Needless to say, we can no longer donate money to them, neither can we provide links to the chat / blogs and have all been removed. This is done for the protection of newcomers and others who may also have their ISP details shared by CGAN.

Privacy is of paramount importance.

“Oldfags” of Anonymous such as Mark Lubbers who repeatedly likes to claim he is an “OldFag” in various chats should have known better.

Note to CGAN: Still waiting a response from yourselves….

This account is used by several people to post. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.


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