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British Army disassociates itself from Tommy Robinson photograph


Tommy Robinson made a photo with grinning soldiers who were shown in an associated video to be chanting his name.

Far right activist Tommy Robinson posted a pic of himself surrounded by soliders, writing the following:   “A moment like this makes it all worth while. Today I met real British heroes” (SIC).

The British Army said its aware of the photo and video and is ‘investigating the circumstances surrounding this’.

In a statement, a spokesperson said: ‘Far right ideology is completely at odds with the values and ethos of the Armed Forces. ‘The Armed Forces have robust measures in place to ensure those exhibiting extremist views are neither tolerated nor permitted to serve.’ 

Islamic religious advisor to the Armed Forces stated ‘any form of racism, discrimination or extremism is taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with accordingly. The Armed Forces remain absolutely committed to welcoming individuals from across all faiths and cultures into its ranks. Mr Robinson ‘does not represent our Armed Forces, however much he tries to claim otherwise’.

Previously,  Tommy Robinson has used a dead soldiers identity for his own political gain.  British Army Soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby image was used by Robinson. Further reading:  www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/drummer-lee-rigbys-family-reject-extremist-groups-using-woolwich-murder-for-political-gain-8639417.html

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