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Backdoor Around the Fourth Amendment: The CLOUD Act

There’s a new, proposed backdoor to our data, which would bypass our Fourth Amendment protections to communications privacy. It is built into a dangerous...

Britain First – banned from facebook (about time!)

Britain First (website: is a racist group and political party in UK who have previously conducted many campaigns against Islam and multiculturalism. On the...

CIA director arrested if travels to Europe?

Gina Haspel has been appointed director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), its first female director.  Previously, Haspel ran "black sites" which are secretive...

Supremacist arrested at UK border

White Supremacist Martin Sellner of Generation Identity has been arrested at the UK border and will be deported tomorrow. Generation Identity has been described by...

Anon Thoughts

Anon thoughts

Sabu says Anonymous is harmless now

Sabu aka Hector Xavier Monsegur was one of the founders of lulzsec which was an offshoot of Anonymous and responsible for several cyber attacks...

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New York: Mysterious metal towers at bridges

As bizarre metal towers mysteriously appear at entrances to bridges and tunnels all over New York, the project remains shrouded in secrecy. When pressed...

Anonymous Bites Back



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Net Neutrality

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Censorship. Decentralize. Safeguard your content!

Diversifying your online presence is a simple strategy to bypass censorship and safeguard your content. Imagine this. You are going about your day normally, engaging...

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