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Citizen of the world. We are Anonymous.

Do you really want to give the jurisdiction into the hands of corporations ? Should the justice measure at money in the future ? If ACTA enforced all ways are open to have come into forced new Laws to cut down the liberty and the freedom of expression. And if the governments see that they can come through so easy with laws or agreements like ACTA, they won’t stop to write similar agreements or laws, that limits our freedom of expression and our liberty more and more.

The Governments of this world are not scared of us, the politicians are thinking that we aren’t serious and the EU Commission is unimpressed of our demonstrations. But the fact that they comment our protest shows that thay aren’t as unimpressed as they say. ACTA is a problem that was planned to be decided secretly and without the participation of the population, but this is against the people and against the Basic Idea of a democracy ! The demonstrations at the 11th February has shown that we do not approve the signing of ACTA, but now it is more than ever important to show color against ACTA. ACTA isn’t an entertaining solution, it concerns possibly generations after us. We can’t accept this. We have to set the course NOW for a free future for our kids and even their kids. At this time when your Government already signed ACTA it’s important to take to the streets and tell the whole world your opinion. Don’t think that it is already too late to move something. It is essential that you tell your Government in form of new demonstrations that you do not accept their signing of ACTA.

Your freedom is in urgent danger. It’s up to you to do something against ACTA. Anyone who omits the danger of the trade agreement and calls it nonsense has afterwards a disadvantage and is shocked what happened to his freedom If you accept ACTA in its current form it is reasonable to expect that other measures for following censorship and surveillance. Do you really just watch that ? Will you just accept the fact that your property, the free internet, is getting stolen ? Stop the thief! Stop the censorship! Stop ACTA! Save your freedom! You are able to do something too! Print flyers, clarify, take to the street and demonstrate, raise your voice, make videos. Inform your family, your neighbours, inform everybody you know. Organize Informing Days on your school and inform your classmates on the topic ACTA.
It is no longer enough, if only the relevant initiators of the anti ACTA protests take to the street!

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

    This account is used by several people to post. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.


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