About the Anonymous Foundation

The Anonymous Foundation exists in an effort to facilitate the Anonymous Collective in its humanitarian operations and campaigns by providing support, resources and financial donations. Examples of the financial donations are toward legal fees of people who have risked their liberty in an attempt to help change the world for a better place (journalists, hacktivists, alleged hacktivists).   Financial support has also been given toward #ophomeless and #OpPaperstorm.

For further information, see www.anonymous.foundation

Some Anonymous Foundation websites:

We seek to exist help the Anonymous collective with resources and maintain various different awareness websites.  Three examples of Anonymous operation sites are below:

For further reading: www.anonymous.foundation
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#OpAfrica – Anonymous attacks government websites

Anonymous hackers have attacked Gabon government websites as part of #OpAfrica and #OpGabon in protest of the dictatorship in the country. Over 70 government...

Worldwide news

Biryani Stories: Is Biryani the national dish of Pakistan?

Biryani, one of the staples of Pakistani cuisine. Image by Faizan Ashraf. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 This is the first part of our series: “Biryani Stories”...

Azerbaijani prosecutors drop controversial charges against political prisoner

A January 19 rally in support of political prisoner Mehman Huseynov. Three days later, the prosecutors office announced it was dropping charges it had...

Help take action

Stop ACTA2 – Europe Protests

Anonymous are protesting across Europe on January 19th 2019 in protest of ACTA2.   You can find your country in the list below, or...