Anonymous for the voiceless provides awareness against animal cruelty and encourages people to adopt a healthy and responsible lifestyle.  Visit for further information: – also search through social medias for your local group to become involved.
Below are a selection of random posts, you can view more videos from different groups on youtube.

Anonymous for the voiceless - recent posts


New Zealand – more cubes from Anonymous for the voiceless

Sam La Hood, member of Auckland Vegan Actions and AV: Auckland, showimg us around the 'Super Cube' event, which was held shortly after The...

Anonymous Ireland – another cube demo

Anonymous for the Voiceless - Dublin, Ireland - Click play on video below:    

Anonymous for Voiceless: Leicester Square (UK)

Some interesting conversations about veganism at the Cube of Truth in Leicester Square, London. Try the (free) 22 day vegan challenge and get a...

Anonymous for the voiceless – Stockton on Tees

Anonymous for the voiceless is global, operating in most major cities.  This video shows Stockton On Tees recently.  There are numerous other 'cubes' throughout...

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