About Anonymous

The Anonymous collective consists of online and offline activists. There is no hierarchy within Anonymous, no leaders, no headquarters. Anyone can be Anonymous and try to make a betterment of our world.

Anonymous is associated with many protests both online and offline. The fundamental principle of free speech is important to Anons and this is reflected throughout most of the Anonymous operations. Anonymous also protests against political corruption and censorship.

We are Anonymous This website is maintained by Anonymous Foundationall websites are Creative Commons license.
You can download entire copies of any Anonymous Foundation website and upload to your own host / domain.
The work of Anonymous / Anons should always be shared.
There is no official Anonymous. Anonymous is an idea, a collective of people wishing to make a betterment of our planet.
There are no leaders and no hierarchy in Anonymous.
The purpose of this website is free speech, to help amplify awareness for Anonymous Operations and news related to humanitarian rights, free speech, cyber security and freedoms.