A British cyber security expert named Marcus Hutchings aka “malwaretech” has been arrested and detained in USA.  Marcus was previously in worldwide news due to his actions of stopping a worldwide ransomware known as Wannacry.

Lauri Love released a decrypted WannaCry code, Marcus Hutchings helped stop the spread of WannaCry as registered a domain name which was shown in the decrypted code.  Hutchings actions of registering the domain name was instrumental in stopping the spread of Wannacry ransomware, it essentially acted as a kill switch.

Hutchins was arrested for allegedly helping to create the Kronos Banking malware.  Comment from

Marcus had made a request for anything related to Kronos in order to help prevent the Kronos malware.   Why would he make such a request if he was helping write the malware?

Court paperwork:   pdf to be embedded here soon

The British National Cyber Security Centre is aware of this arrest.

Out of respect for Marcus this site will not post the now public images of him due to him stating a few weeks ago that he didn’t realise just how horrible his 5 minutes of fame would cause, with media outside his home and being recognised.

objective is to help those who are persecuted under computer laws in respect of their actions.  Many cyber security experts are being unjustly persecuted. We will try and assist Marcus.  Please help us fight this injustice.

It is confirmed that Marcus was arrested by FBI as assumed above, he is now is Las Vegas FBI detention. 3rd August, 2017.

August 3rd 2017, Marcus has been located, as assumed it is FBI detention.

August 22nd 2017, Marcus awaiting trial in USA, currently can not leave the country. British knew that Marcus was going to be arrested by the FBI. Marcus has already pleaded not guilty and now awaits court date. Legal experts say there is a possibiity of a 40 year sentence if found guilty.




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