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2 people from Latvia arrested and extradited to USA – Scan4You

Scan4You was a VirusTotal like platform used for malicious purposes.

Ruslan Bondars is a non citizen from Latvia who has been convicted of running “Scan4You”, which was used for malware and malicious purposes.   A non citizen in Latvia are people without citizenship, usually found in the Latgale or Daugavpils area of the country.

Ruslan Bondars is 37 years old and will be aged 51 when he is released from prison after serving his 14 years sentence.

Ruslan Bondar’s 2012 LinkedIn profile

Ruslan is convicted of running a virus scanning tool which hackers were able to test their code before launching them out into the wild via a malware campaign.

Prosecutors said the following:

“Ruslans Bondars helped malware developers attack American businesses. The Department of Justice and its law enforcement partners make no distinction between service providers like Scan4You and the hackers they assist: we will hold them accountable for all of the significant harm they cause and work tirelessly to bring them to justice, wherever they may be located.

Ruslans Bondars designed and operated a service that provided essential aid to some of the world’s most destructive hackers. This prosecution demonstrates our commitment to combating global computer crime by taking away the essential tools upon which hackers rely.”

The objective of Scan4You was to find out if the hackers malicious codes were detected through different security checks, allowing them to tweak their malicious code in order to avoid detection against many virus scanners.  It was developed in 2009 and quickly became a popular choice of tool amongst criminal hackers who write malware.


Scan4You was hosten on Amazon Web Services and malware coders / hackers paid money to use the full service in order to test their codes.

A co conspirator Jurijs Martisevs was also arrested when he was in Latvia.  Little is known about Jurijs, presumably he is a Latvian citizen since Latvian males forename and surname all end in the letter S.   Martisevs was identified as his paypal account was used in this illegal scam.

Both people have been extradited to USA

Bondars managed technical infrastructure whilst Martisevs handled customer support via email, skype, Jabber and ICQ.

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