Citzens of the United Kingdom:

On thursday the 8th of June 2017 you will be given a unique oprtunity. So many people in the world are not able either through opression; or by having been too worn by the system, to excersise their human right to vote and have a say in how their country is run. So use your right, if you have not registered too vote do not worry you can still change the minds of those arround. In order for a democracy to function the citzens within must be willing to stand up and force their governemtn to change. We will not tell you which way to vote as that would be oppresive. Instead I will merely tell you to look at the manifestos and come to an informed descision. However if you still do not know talk to the parties and do not be swayed by fancy words. Also remember that this election is not only about Brexit it is also about internet censorship and who you want to decide on the big ethical issues such as driverless cars.

Remember also that a vote for a small party is not nescicerilly a wasted vote. If you feel estranged from the political system, feel like politicians don’t listen to you, make sure that you have looked at all the options (i suggest the pirate party if you feel left out) or if you really cannot decide, spoil your ballot show them what you think of the system. But the most important thing is to VOTE.



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