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Vegan is told she needs a licence?!


Vegan is told she needs a licence… These two videos presumably show the actions of the PCSO both before and after his training. The lady promoting animal cruelty and veganism awareness often gives out leaflets and answers questions from the public. On this occasion, a new PCSO was in town and seemed to be unaware of the law during the first video. Within the second video, the same PCSO conducted himself accordingly, in the correct way. Do these 2 videos show a before and after process in regards to training?

The lady promoting animal cruelty awareness writes:

To day I was verbally attacked by a man who then complained to the nearest PCSO’s. The man did not like Viva’s image of baby chicks in a liquidiser. Two PCSO’s came up to me and aggressively asked for my name and at no point did they want to hear my side to the story. They were very threatening, and so I did not co-operate with them. I get on very well with the local police and they have come to realise that complaints about me are based on people not wanting me to speak about animal rights, so they leave me alone. I have never been asked to go home, the most that has ever happen is I have been ask to move a matter of yards.
I do not need a licence and this land is council owned, so I can speak freely.
I can also video anything that goes on, on public land. I wish I had my video out while the man who was verbally attacking me and rifling through my belongings in my bike. The PCSO also felt he had a right to rummage in my bike.
Apparently I am a “pain in the a**e,” no way for a public servant to speak, even if I am.

This is the connection with your morning fry up. All laying hens come from hatcheries. Both male and female chicks are hatched, and only the female chicks will grow into laying hens. Males do not lay eggs, so on the first day of their lives they are minced up a live. There are no free range or organic eggs that come from a nice place where male and female chicks live happily with their mothers in family groups. The females also have a very hard time, they have their beaks burnt off, it is a sensitive organ and in many ways the equivalent to our hands and fingers.
If you buy an egg, some one, some where, is mincing up a male chick on your behalf, or possibly suffocating it. If this is too difficult to talk about, perhaps it should not happen.

Watch the video below:
Now watch the second encounter, presumably after PCSO has had some form of basic training:


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