Save the pandas


Greetings citizens of the world, we are Anonymous.

(Please share this message first, it’s time to make a difference.)

Indeed, the human causes the disappearance of very many species on Earth, plants and animals are concerned. 26,000 species disappear every year.

By 2100, two thirds of the species on Earth will have disappeared. Man is a wolf for man, we have proved it many times but Man and also and especially a wolf for the whole planet. A planet that basically welcomed us.

Reduced to the state of parasite needing to destroy its living space and to multiply, some people only prove their stupidity.

What use is it to consider oneself as the most intelligent species if it is to adopt a character well below primitive when it is a question of being virtuous or of having the heart.

According to the WWF, the giant panda belongs to so-called “vulnerable” species, it is one of the most serious categories of threatened species. It is estimated that there are just over 1850 giant pandas in the world and their disappearance is mainly due to the disappearance of bamboos in their places of life. (Deforestation …)

Knowing that the survival of these magnificent animals is threatened by our fault, how can we in addition maltreat the survivors?

As we did for Walter J. Palmer when he murdered the Cecil lion; We will not hesitate to disseminate personal information about these people: Guo Jingpeng, Xie Huhai and on the research establishment of Chengdu if justice is not rendered. Addresses, data, accounts are potential targets for Anonymous. We know very well that these pandas have been able to live much worse off camera, it is not acceptable!

This is a warning, not a threat even if one can not say that the abusers do not deserve it. If other similar incidents happen do not expect pity, we do not forgive. If animals from the center are again subjected to mistreatment, Anonymous advises you to be very careful to your computers, reprisals are possible …

Anonymous knows that many want to help but do not know how to do it, and although there seem to be several ways to help at least a minimum endangered species including giant pandas. For this purpose, international organizations and associations are willing to help each other at their level and with their means. By making donations, by being a volunteer but especially by changing your consumption habits, you will be able to help at least the planet that dwells on you.

We know that the present case is but one among many more horrible. Be aware that in any case we are aware of what you are doing and that at present vigilance will be a priority.

Anyway, we’re there, on the street and on the networks.
We are everyone when it is necessary to act and nobody when you want to catch us.
We are hackers, computer, drivers, cooks, secretaries or bosses, we are workers, women, men or children.
We are that liberating force that is tired of seeing the world perish because of the stupidity of some.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion. We do not forget. Expect us.


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