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We are a collective movement of individuals who are willing and committed to bring about an end to the regime that currently occupies the United States Office of Presidency. The so-called 45th President has committed treason against this country and its people, violated the constitution multiple times, and has placed our national security at risk. This is our response:
  1. We have committed to fighting against the injustice and tyranny this regime has brought forth.
  2. We have given this “president” and his administration until 8PM EDT of February 28th, 2017 to submit their resignations. If this is not fulfilled, per the wishes of the people, we will take to the streets by the hundreds of thousands and not rest until they are forced out.
  3. The people have spoken and demand the fall of the regime.

Glory to the people.

We are Anonymous.  We are Legion.  Expect Us.

The above op and video is not an op affiliated with iamanonymous.com
Should Anonymous be making political demands?  What do you think of this op and video?
Comments below? 🙂

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