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 Article by: ☣Ληση☣MyгƬђคnσร#0391

You don’t decide what I think, you don’t decide what I see, you don’t decide who I support you show unrest and grief. Because of you blood is shed because of you we are on the streets because of you girls are whores and boys are dealing cocaine you’ve been lying for far to long. You’ve seen everything for all those years. You’ve all cheated on us because of you we supported those wars. Because of you we were sucked into it because of you, we believed in stuff that where not true. Because of the whole world believed that all muslims flew that plane into the twin towers. You are the cause of hell on earth and because of you, racism remains because of you people think the word islam stands for terrorism. You never talk about Zionists, you never mentioned Bush and Blair who fermented the war in Iraq, they knew when to advance, which isn’t what you claimed. A lot of oil or a ton of gold, millions of people departed. Who is going to drag them into court, they pretend its all forgotten. The media is the devil or is possessed by it!

They want me to hate you and you to hate me so they can get rid of us. But we are all equal! Black, white, rich or poor we are all equal from the streets or from a sheikh we are all still equal!

I don’t see any muslim/Arabian armies in the west, while the armies of the west have already ruined their countries. The west has also been attacked, which we mourn as well as you. But after everything that happened here in the east I don’t see any stress like we don’t exist. Nobody wants to realize even not in Europe. Mosques are defaced, destroyed and even set on fire. But you won’t see that on the news, or read anything about it in the papers. They do not want mosques here in the west but we do have churches in our country. A church in every city we even have synagogues. The west calls itself free, but a headscarf is almost forbidden. All that freedom is a lie, but people do not listen. As for the oppression of the Palestinians by Jews(Israel). And I have nothing against Jews, I have some issues with their regime, and against everyone who plays on ISIS its team. Or do we just stand with them, or pretend we see nothing.

You can film whoever you want, but you can’t film the Police. They can be set loose on the people, and mistreat them without any borders, and no one can prove anything so they can do what ever they like. The media has brainwashed us, but now we all washed it back. Together we can stop war and hate,. Not with weapons, but with love, peace and respect!

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