The Investigatory Powers Bill (IPBill) aka The Snoopers Charter is a British law that came into force in 2017, this is similar to Rule 41 for the USA.
The Investigatory Powers Bill gives GCHQ, MI5, MI6 and the police are now able to hack into peoples computers without a warrant.

There has been previous protests against the IP Bill such as opgchq (deltails below) and more recently a campaign dubbed “Blackout UK” by calling on support for websites in UK to block or restrict access in support of their slogan “Stop internet censorship, fight back”.   A software engineer from Southampton is requesting people email major websites asking for support, contacting politicians and sigining a petition

Liberty arranged a crowdfunder in an effort to raise £10,000.00 for legal action, this initial 10k target was smashed and it is expected that £50,000.00 will be raised within the next day or so, surpassing expectations.

The link to the petition is here:


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