A new website is being made to help Anonymous in its battle to end animal cruelty.

This website will feature a “kill counter” so that users of the site can see a live count of how many different types of animals are killed since they first opened the page.  An example of this idea is at:

The aim of this op and website is:

  1. To help increase awareness of animal cruelty throughout the world.
  2. Appealing to animal lovers who are generally compassionate people, hopefully this may introduce them to Anonymous if they can see the other good we are doing, – opsafewinter for example.

Action to be taken to reach above goals:

  1. Create a new animal cruelty website at:
  2. Include articles, research, kill counter, memes, videos.
  3. Create social media pages.
  4. Share the website among social media. For example, there are many vegan groups in facebook, as a vegan myself I have noticed other vegans to be more caring about the world, I forsee many vegans being introduced to Anonymous through this method.  (They will see that Anonymous does other good things such as ophomeless, opsafewinter, opstocknroll, opmrx, – such humanitarian ops would likely appeal to people in facebook vegan groups (as an example).  There are many other social media groups who will be interested.
  5. Through the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the website will hopefully appear on the first 3 return results for people searching various keywords such as “animal abuse” – I have not looked at competition for such keywords as yet, however, this site will have extensive SEO work.

This is not an exhaustive list.  Further ideas welcomed!

As none of our websites will have commercial adverts to make money,  the site will be able to display an Anonymous message.
This will be just a simple banner graphic with a link back to an Anonymous “welcome” site.   The Anonymous welcome site is – it is just a dummy site at moment and needs to be made.


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