Governments can’t enter and search our homes without good reason. Why should they be allowed to break and enter into our electronic devices if we’re not under suspicion? 

The UK government has given itself the power to use ‘general warrants’ to secretly hack our computers and phones. In doing so, the British government can gain access to the emails, text messages and photos of potentially tens of thousands of people at a time wherever in the world they live – even if most of those individuals are not suspected of any criminal behavior. They can even switch on your camera or microphone so that your devices are spying on you!

We have been fighting the UK government in court for three years now and are facing significant potential costs. If we lose, the court may order us to pay the cost of the government’s very expensive army of lawyers. We have a ‘Protective Costs Order’ which currently limits our potential costs to £25k – but that’s still a lot of money for a charity with very limited resources!

So we need your help in raising this money. An anonymous supporter has offered to match all donations (up to £12,000)! So any donation you make will be DOUBLED in value!

We now live in a world where more and more people take growing Government surveillance as an unavoidable reality. And you may think that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

But the government can’t enter and search our homes without good reason, so why should they be allowed to break and enter into our electronic devices if we’re not under suspicion?

Government Hacking Endangers Privacy and Security

The British government claims that hacking is about public safety. But hacking actually makes us less safe because it compromises the technology that is increasingly embedded into the fabric of our lives. By hacking our devices, the government is choosing to take advantage of security holes, which leaves us all more vulnerable to future cyber-attacks. By hacking, the Government has deliberately chosen to make our technology less secure than it can be.

We Need Your Support!

Any donation you make, large or small, will help us both fight this important case and protect the future ability of Privacy International to fight for people’s right to privacy all over the world.

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