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Grenfell tower – help still being given


We set this up beneath a motorway flyover ,in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire. This space was a no go area before.

We recieve no funding and we have never applied for any. We self fund using our own wages or whatever.

From here,we listen to survivors and locals,we find ways of getting what they need,provide support,love,hot drinks and somewhere to gather. Some survivors sleep here because they are too afraid to sleep inside a building.

We do not collect names….hotel room numbers…like the others. We are here to love and to help in a non judgemental open hearted manner. People who dont trust the authourities(with good reason) come to us. There are about 5 of us who man this space 24/7. I haven’t left in month now. Its getting cold….we have a tiny wish list.

Warm clothing.
Gas for the cooker.
Blankets etc.
Hot water bottles.
Creative stuff for the kidz.
Candles for the shrine.
Tea/coffee etc.
Paint for our artists.
Your company.

One love and comm-unity!!!

Please help if you can!  Original post from facebook:


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